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Mission Statement

To reach as many people as we can with this event. In doing so, we hope to instill and renew the true meaning of Memorial Day

To succeed, you need to draw attention to your event. Believe me, when you take hundreds of motorcycles on a 65 mile ride across 5 counties  non-stop  start to finish, it draws attention. Local television networks, newspapers and radio all come to see the event. That’s when you get to tell them what Smoky Mountain Thunder Memorial Ride is all about. Thanks to our Sponsors and our participants we were seen and heard from Washington D.C. to Florida last year.

The event’s opening ceremony starts at 10:00 A.M. in Sevierville, TN. It consists of Patriotic singing, guest speakers, an appearance by an American Bald Eagle, placing a wreath at the Veteran’s Monument and Taps marks the beginning of this event. The police escorted ride leaves, rain or shine, at 11:00 A.M. Once all of the motorcycles have arrived at Veteran’s Overlook on top of Clinch Mountain in Grainger County, the closing ceremony will begin with Patriotic music, placing of the wreath, 21 Gun Salute followed by Taps will conclude the event.

This is a non-profit event, so no one makes any money. All of the people who help with this event are volunteers. However, there are expenses in making this a successful event.  The money made from selling t-shirts, patches and sponsor-ships the previous year starts the process for the next year’s event.  The money is used to purchase fresh flower wreaths, port-a-potties, advertising, decorations, t-shirts, patches,    permit fees and other services for the event.

Contact us at: www.rongiddis@smokymountainthunder.net