About The Founders

Hello, we’re Ron and Sandy Giddis…….
We went to Rolling Thunder in 1998 and 2000 and were impressed. The reason for the event is to help bring back POW’s and MIA’s as there are still so many unaccounted for. When we got home from the ride in 2000, we decided it was time for an event in this area to help people remember what Memorial Day is actually all about: besides family get togethers, picnics and vacations. Some people have forgotten those who have paid the ultimate price for us to have our freedom and to be able to take vacations and picnics. Sevier and surrounding County motorcycle riders didn’t have anything to go to that was close and at home. That is when we decided to put together an event to Honor our Fallen Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMT’s. Our first one was in 2001. We started the first year with 75 bikes and a few that didn’t ride. We have doubled each year and last year 2008 we had well over 1500 bikes.
The first year we had a couple come up to us who did not ride but had lost a son during the Gulf War and wanted to help us in anyway they could. Bill and Cyndy Powell, who everyone buys their t-shirts from when they come to the event, have supported us and the event every year since.